Business Advisory

Accommodating businesses of any size, experience and level of maturity – from a start-up to an established holding company, we provide the right tools to build and sustain a successful business empire.

Our wide range of services can be customized to offer solutions in any specific business area to help you achieve your overall business goals

Business Planning

With marketplaces becoming more competitive than ever, a strong plan is paramount to the success of any business. Our Advisory team understand the importance of this better than anyone and leave no stone unturned when it comes to engineering the perfect plan. Acting as justification for a business venture or as a starting point for a business transformation prgramme “The Planning Phase” is crucial to ensuring the most optimal path is taken to achieve your end goal.

  • Corporate Feasibility Study
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Business Growth Strategy
  • Investment Modeling
  • Product Development
  • Pricing Strategy

Corporate Finance

Providing sound financial guidance and advice, we ensure the finance function’s priorities are aligned with your corporate strategy enabling your business to propel forward. Some of the services we cover under corporate finance are:

  • Financial Strategy
  • Financial Planning
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Business Intelligence
  • Performance Management

Organizational Design and Manpower Planning

Designing organizational structures, roles & responsibilities that align with corporate strategy and business objectives is a key element to running  productive and efficient business functions. Our services include:

  • Organizational Structure & Governance
  • Manpower Strategy and Planning
  • Compensation and Benefits Strategy
  • Performance Management


The hardest thing with any business is not only finding your audience but making sure they stand up and take notice of you and your product. With our in-house team of brand and advertising gurus along with a splash of creative flair and a sprinkle of digital genius, Curia Business Group can provide a full spectrum of marketing services including

  • Benchmarking and Market Studies
  • Brand Architecture and Identity
  • Route to Market and Launch Strategy
  • Media and Market Campaign Creation

Business Transformation

The current pace of change in the digital landscape welcomes new challenges and more competition across every sector. The rate of disruption is happening faster now more than ever – encouraging businesses to transform and adopt agile technologies to stay ahead of the game.

  • Strategy transformation
  • Organizational restructure
  • Financial restructure
  • Operational restructure
  • Change Management

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