Auditing Services

Assurance Services

External Audit

Important strategic decisions should only be made with consistent, reliable information. At Curia, we don’t just make sure that the figures add up, we put you in the best position to be transparent with stakeholders. Our team of experts will immerse themselves in your business processes and financial systems to recommend the best path forward for your company. Our services include:

  • Monthly/Quarterly/Semi-Annual Periodic Audit
  • IAS/IFRS/GAAP Compliance
  • Monitoring, Review & Recommendation

Internal Audit

To achieve business goals to their fullest potential, companies need a path free of obstacles. Curia provides your decision-makers with a crystal-clear picture of the effectiveness of internal procedures, while also identifying and developing a concrete risk management process. We ensure an efficient and thorough analysis, while maintaining transparent communication, to modify our audit strategy in response to potential needs or risks. Our services include:

  • Strategic Performance Reviews
  • Compliance Advisory
  • Internal Control Framework Review & Recommendation

Tax Services

Ineffective financial planning consumes resources and money, slowing down progress towards organizational investments. Our team will leverage their expertise in the local market to implement strategies that will minimize your company’s tax burden, freeing up money to be better used for expenses and growth. Our services include:

  • Income Tax Declaration (Preparation of Returns)
  • Tax Card Application & Processing
  • Transfer Pricing Advisory
  • Tax Planning Timing of incomes, expenditures, investments, filing status, and common deductions

Accounting Support

In Qatar’s increasingly competitive marketplace, accurate accounting advice is the key to unlocking the path forward to success, while simultaneously adapting to new demands. Our proficient panel of experts will equip your organization with optimized, efficient methods to handle your accounting functions, regardless of how you do business. Our services include:

  • Financial Reporting & Bookkeeping
  • Expense & Payroll Processing
  • Cash Flow & Ratio Analysis
  • Fixed Asset Management & Reporting

Special Engagement / Agreed Upon Procedure

The diverse nature of the market today means that you might be in need of a service that doesn’t fit very neatly in what we’ve described above. Our experts will provide well-needed credibility in such matters that require independently verified and reported information, whether the objective is to provide specific information and assurance to users within your company, or to third parties.

  • Document / Transaction Inspection
  • Data Comparison for Standard Compliance
  • Forensic Auditing & Review