Our Story

About Us

Who We Are

Curia Business Group was formed in 2017 to disrupt the elitist nature of management consulting and cater to the growing market of entrepreneurs and SMEs in Qatar.

With our experience across many industries and our passion for taking companies to new heights, increasing their productivity and ensuring consistent growth, we understand the need for every business to have a trusted business advisor.

Our team of consultants with their dynamic and collaborative approach in tackling issues, implementing best practices and providing solutions have a strong determination to help businesses succeed.

Our Vision and Values

Curia Business Group aims to be the benchmark in business transformation for existing operations and also the go-to firm for all ambitious entrepreneurs who are looking for the perfect catalyst to accelerate their route to market.

We pride ourselves in our values and they are the foundation of our client relationships.

Trust – To be honest and transparent in every business engagement and act only in the best interest of the client in achieving their business goals.

Knowledge – Our ‘bottom-up’ workshop based learning and investigation process empowers the entire workforce in an organization with knowledge and enables them to adapt to the tools we provide to carry the business forward indefinitely.

Ambition – Curia was started by a group of ambitious individuals who were inspired to help like-minded entrepreneurs of the future. We believe in growth, both at an employee and on an enterprise level, at every stage of the business journey. Regardless of what vision you are out to achieve the ultimate Curia goal will always be strong and sustainable growth.

Curia - The Meaning

Throughout 15th century Europe, before parliament was established the royal families of many countries would form a council of advisors to guide them on all areas of governance and national strategy. This council was made up of the country’s leading businessmen and legal advisors, this team of consultants were called the “Curia Regis” or “Kings Council”.

We at Curia model the values that were set by those councils and inject them with 21st Century business expertise.